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Stasis: the most common 'types of claims' in argument and the commonplace

'ways' (poros) of developing lines of reasoning and arranging larger portions of thinking or argumentation.  

The basic 5 types of claims, and lines of reasoning:  







1) We can identify and analyze these common types of claims within arguments, and/or analyze how these structure longer arguments.  A whole argument might be based on any stasis (comparison/contrast, evaluation, definition).


Definitional claims (also called Categorical): Is X a Y?

Disagreement over the nature of a thing or its inclusion in a category (occurs when one disagrees over the definition of either X or Y)


Evaluative claims: Is X good or bad? Is X a good or bad Y?

Disagreement over values, importance, or worthiness

  • Were the federal "bank bailouts" a good idea?
  • Are wikis an appropriate tool for classroom use?
  • From the Gorgias: Is the teaching of rhetoric bad for society? Does it prevent justice or knowledge?



Resemblance Is X like Y?

  • Is Internet addiction like drug addiction?
  • Is the Iraq war like the Vietnam war?
  • From the Gorgias: Is rhetoric like cooking? Flattery? Gymnastics?


Cause/Consequence Will X cause Y? Is X caused by Y?

  • Will decriminalizing marijuana reduce crime?
  • Will raising the minimum wage increase unemployment?
  • From the Gorgias: If rhetoric and philosphy are confused, will this hurt society, causing "Chaos" as "cookery, health, and medicine would mingle in an indiscrimante mass?"



Proposal Should be (not) do X? 

  • Should gay marriage be legalized?
  • Should teenage murder defendants be tried as adults?
  • From the Gorgias: Should teachers of rhetoric be held responsible for the misdeeds of their students?


While Useful for analysis, the stasis are also for Building/inventing Arguments around 


Example one: theft

Pretend you've stolen something and use the stasis to argue why you should not be punished for this action:

  • Definition/Categorical?
  • Evaluation?
  • Resemblance?
  • Cause/Consequence?


Example two: say you want to make the following proposal argument, what stasis might be important in your argument?

Eating disorders (such as anorexia and bulimia) should NOT be covered by general health insurance.

  • Definitional/Categorical?
  • Evaluation?
  • Resemblance?
  • Cause/Consequence?




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